Developers of affordable, plentiful, fusion-based clean energy before the end of the decade.

Problem General Fusion is Solving

The world’s need for access to cheap, completely clean, inexhaustible electricity.

The General Fusion Solution

A safe, clean nuclear fusion reactor, based on their proprietary Magnetized Target Fusion technology.

Why Chrysalix Invested

General Fusion is compelling because it represents an absolute game changer with the potential to demonstrate the "holy grail" of clean energy production on a modest budget in a reasonable timeframe. The technical path the company has set out has been expertly validated at every stage. This is about the biggest risk/reward ratio ever seen in the venture capital business. If General Fusion succeeds in getting Net Gain when forecast, the world will finally have a chance to see if the "holy grail" of energy generation can be achieved. This would be a stunning outcome.

General Fusion’s Biggest Strength

General Fusion is the leader in commercializing practical and affordable fusion power plan technology. Their approach is capable of demonstrating Net Gain and then realizing commercial fusion reactors decades earlier and for orders of magnitude less investment than any other known approach. They have the strongest team of any private effort in realizing fusion energy.

General Fusion’s core technology has been validated by both industrial and scientific leaders in fusion physics and energy. The company’s collaborators and partners include the former CEO of AREVA North America, Jacques Besnainou; the former CMO of GE Energy, Mark Dudzinski;  The Princeton Plasma Physics Lab; Los Alamos National Labs; and investors include Cenovus Energy, Jeff Bezos and Khazanah Nacional, the sovereign Wealth Fund of Malaysia.

Implication When Successful

Fusion energy would provide the world access to cheap, completely clean, inexhaustible electricity. It would enable the end of electrical generation by coal or nuclear fission and associated environmental and safety concerns. The impact on geopolitics would be immense. If achieved in time, it represents the only viable solution to directly mitigate the impact of climate change by drastically reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and significantly lowering our production of greenhouse gases, without constraining economic industrial production.