Chrysalix  Team


James Chepyha


VP of Investments, Alberta




James has been instrumental in financing the energy sector over the past 25 years and has a unique perspective on how new technologies and early-stage companies fit into the challenging energy ecosystem. Since joining Chrysalix EVC in 2010, he has expanded the Firm’s alternative energy and cleantech VC investing presence in Alberta and provides regular insight into the Oil & Gas industry.

Prior to Chrysalix EVC, he worked for both domestic and foreign financial institutions in Canada with a focus on corporate, debt, equity, and structured finance and most recently, helped establish Goldman Sach’s principal investing business in the energy sector in Canada. He has a Bachelor of Commerce (with Honours) from the University of Saskatchewan and an MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto.


When I’m away from the office, you can find me…
“Carpe diem…what a great motto!  When not working, I really try to explore and experience many different things with the family. Whether it is travelling, hiking, going to the symphony or just hanging out with friends, life is a collection of experiences. As they say, everyone who lives dies but not everyone who dies has lived.”

On my playlist:
“The 80’s rule! I know I’m going to pay for that.”

Unforgettable experience:
“Piloting a Good Year blimp and being pulled on stage to perform with Cirque du Soleil … thankfully nothing too physical and tights were not required.”