Turning waste CO2 into a major opportunity.

Problem Liquid Light is Solving

The chemical industry is facing tougher times with increasing global pressure to remain competitive as profit margins decline for commodity chemicals and speciality chemicals become commoditized. The production of chemicals using alternative and waste feedstocks at lower costs is becoming highly valued in the sector.

The Liquid Light Solution

Liquid Light's core technology is centered on low-energy catalytic electrochemistry to convert carbon dioxide to multi-carbon chemicals. It is backed by more than 100 patents and applications and extends to multiple chemicals with large existing markets, including ethylene glycol, propylene, isopropanol, methyl-methacrylate and acetic acid.

Why Chrysalix invested

·        Liquid Light is a platform technology for C2+ basic and speciality chemicals
·        CO2 is low cost, abundant and not geographically constrained
·        Capital efficient licensing business model
·        Strong strategic partnerships

Liquid Light’s Biggest Strength

Flexibility in product and market. The wide range of chemicals that Liquid Light is able to produce gives it flexibility in access to market and selection of high value target applications.

Implication When Successful

Liquid Light’s technology will allow industrial chemicals to be made from waste carbon dioxide using clean domestic sources of energy including solar, wind, hydroelectric and nuclear. Energy security, reductions in oil imports and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions can be realized without major changes to existing infrastructure.