Large corporates and startups need each other

Chrysalix collaborates closely with leading industrial companies to define problems that matter and help our startups accelerate and scale by being potential customers or partners. In return, our partners gain a strategic window on solutions that can move the needle for their business.

For many large companies step-change external innovation, complementing internal R&D, has become a top priority. Chrysalix simplifies engaging with startups. Casting a broader net and leveraging our expertise and time, corporates can quickly identify innovation that matters to them.


Chrysalix RFP Platform – Discover New Solutions & Create New Companies

Chrysalix has developed an incentive platform the connects challenges from our corporate partners to breakthrough solutions being developed at Universities & National Labs.


How it works


Challenges are defined by Chrysalix and our large corporate partners


Innovators from the Chrysalix innovation ecosystem will submit ideas for breakthrough solutions


The winner will receive $150K-$250K funding for a 6-12 month project to demonstrate a proof of concept and a viable business case


Start-up worthy solutions will have the opportunity for additional follow-on equity funding of $1M+ from the Chrysalix RoboValley Fund


Solve real world problems with world changing potential

Exclusive access to large corporates & venture capital through RFP platform

Funding for your solution

Generate new intellectual property and publications

Opportunity to start your own company and connect with large partners and markets

Current and historical limited partners

Chrysalix Academic Network

Chrysalix has established cornerstone partnerships with leading institutions with a strong intelligent systems cluster and vibrant startup ecosystem.