Breakthrough Technology for Non-ferrous Scrap Metal Recycling

Developers of an intelligent sorting system for the upcycling of non-ferrous scrap metal, including Aluminum, Copper, Zinc and Brass; enabling accurate, high throughput sorting by metal type and alloy composition through a combination of sensor fusion (XRF, Optical), AI/ML image processing and an advanced scrap feeder design.


Metals Production And Processing With Next-Generation Analytics

Next-generation sensor and software analytics platform for in-line liquid metal trace analysis, addressing the high unmet need to complement and replace slow, expensive and manual methods for process and quality control with real-time, in-line analysis of trace materials to drive the metals processing industry towards Industry 4.0.

Minehub Technologies Inc

Transformative Efficiency for Mining & Metals

MineHub is an open platform for digital trade, providing global mining and metals supply chain participants with real-time visibility of upstream and downstream supply chains and the ability to transact electronically, securely and efficiently.

HaiLa Technologies Inc.

Next Generation Wireless Connectivity

HaiLa is pioneering the development of the next generation wireless connectivity platform with a patented, ultra low power, and multi-protocol independent technology that enables wide-scale deployment of IoT sensors into existing network infrastructures.

Novamera Inc.

Sustainable Mining by Drilling (“SMD”)

Developing an innovative SMD technology and process to mine gold, copper or other ore from steeply dipping, narrow vein deposits that are considered uneconomic when applying traditional extraction methods.

Feasible, Inc.

Breakthrough Battery Analytics Platform

Low-cost, battery intelligence platform that provides real-time analytics and actionable insights to solve some of the biggest challenges in battery design, manufacturing and product management.


The Future of Mining

Intelligent systems solution for metal mining involving new sensors, data analytics and IoT control to upgrade base metal and iron ore. They are now deploying systems into large open pits.


The Next Big Thing in Solar

The leader in solar steam generators for oil and gas. It’s ultra-low-cost solar energy is emission free. It is now building some of the world’s largest solar projects.

GaN Systems

Small Changes. Global Impact.

The leader in new gallium nitride power transistors enabling power electronic systems with one quarter of the size, weight and losses. Major markets include: data centers, electric vehicles and industrial motors.

General Fusion

Clean Energy. Everywhere. Forever.

Developing the fastest, most practical and cost competitive path to commercial fusion power.

Axine Water Technologies

Treatment of the Toughest Organics in Industrial Wastewater

Low-cost, chemical free treatment of industrial waste water with high concentrations of problematic organics and ammonia.


Capturing Carbon Economically, Today

With the ability to capture CO₂ directly from industrial sources at less than half the capital cost of existing solutions, Svante makes commercial-scale carbon capture a reality, and positions global industries to play offense in the fight against climate change.


Redefining Steel – Innovating the World’s Most Trusted Material

Advanced materials company with expertise in the design of proprietary steel chemistries and processing routes to target specific performance requirements. Sheet steels for automotive lightweighting and steel powders for 3D printing.

Primus Power

The Future of Energy Storage is Long

Low-cost, long-life and long-duration energy storage systems for commercial, industrial, data center, microgrid and utility applications. EnergyPod systems offer reliability, modularity and energy density at a low total cost of ownership. 


Your Grid in Balance



Fast charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs).



Supplier of high performance, cost-effective solar electric solutions.

Exited by IPO.


Portable fuel cell devices.



Solid-state lighting solutions that are energy efficient, cost effective and easy to integrate.


Brammo Motorsports

Electric traction motors and traction batteries.



Hydrogen fuel cell stack technology.


Fat Spaniel

Remote solar power monitoring, management and control services.



On-site hydrogen generators and gas purification plants.



Solar thermal water-heating appliances.



Mobile power solutions for consumer electronics devices.


Liquid Light

Process technology to convert CO2 to major chemicals.